Columbia Nashville’s Josh Thompson is Starting to Brew at Country Radio

Debut Single “Beer On The Table” Goes For Adds 7/20

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2009

Columbia Nashville newcomer Josh Thompson has been actively visiting radio this past month in support of his self-penned debut single, “Beer On The Table.” With the upbeat song about working hard to party hard going for adds on 7/27, fans will get their first glimpse at Thompson’s innate ability to transform events from his own life into songs that are relatable as well as fun.

And country radio is already reacting, as evidenced by WMIL Milwaukee adding the new song on the spot. Kerry Wolfe, Director of Programming Clear Channel Milwaukee says of Thompson, "He comes from the Brew City. He drinks brew. And writes a song about Brew. I’M IN! We’re proud to call him one of us!" With “Beer On The Table,” Thompson shows that though he appreciates the value of a dollar, he also doesn’t take himself too seriously.

A native of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Josh Thompson is no stranger to hard work himself. The 31-year old singer/songwriter worked side by side pouring concrete with his father since the age of 12, giving him first hand insight about the trials of hard-working men everywhere who just want to have a good time. There is no doubt that Thompson’s blue collar lifestyle influences every song he has written, as he tells his stories with candor, honesty and a good-natured spirit.

After arriving in Nashville in 2005, Thompson instantly began writing and quickly established himself as a country artist on the rise. Josh’s raucous, energetic live shows drew in a huge fan base. Last year alone, he played over 100 shows all over the country. Thompson’s raw talent, in both songwriting and performing, caught the attention of hit songwriters and eventually led to a major record deal with Columbia Nashville.

“Josh is one of those artists who knows who he is, and knows where he wants go. He writes songs everyday people are gonna latch on to,” says songwriter David Lee Murphy of Thompson. Josh recently scored his first major cut as a songwriter on with a song called “Growing Up Is Getting Old” which is the title track of Jason Michael Carroll’s current album. Songwriter Casey Beathard touts Josh as “the real deal. You'd think he's been here for a long time, as seasoned as he is. It's hard to find a young artist, and I do mean true artist, these days.”

Produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean), Thompson is currently finishing his first album which features 10 songs solely written or co-written by Josh Thompson.

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